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This service is designed for traders who trade bullion commodities (Gold & Silver) and trade in multiple lots. The unique proposition for the subscriber for this product is that analysts maintain proper risk reward ratio for trades. In this service we generate calls in commodities in which bigger movement is expected in intraday. We generate calls purely based on technical analysis to lower the risk.

Service Features

  • -We provide you 1-2 Intra Day Calls
  • -Bullion Commodity Segment is covered under this package
  • -Proper follow-ups and news information
  • -Commodity Market overview Important Global Market Updates

Medium Of Calls:

  • Calls Will Be Given Only On SMS & Chat Room.
  • India: All GSM & CDMA Networks Covered.

Risk Type:

  • High
Duration Price
Monthly ₹ 10,000 + 18% GST Pay Now
Quarterly ₹ 15,000 + 18% GST Pay Now
Half Yearly ₹ 28,000 + 18% GST Pay Now